Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh JRTC, how I don't like you

The timing of JRTC though, couldn't have come at a worse time.  

Gunner and I signed up for a triathlon and it will be less than 12 hours  the day after he gets home.  I hope his flight isn't late!  

Abs got written up at school.  It's about something so ridiculous, and something that in every other classroom across the nation would have been handled in the room.  Granted, it is slightly bigger than when she got written up for having a cold and blowing her nose and using an entire box of kleenex, but still.  

I can't believe Easter is here already.  

We have plans tomorrow for an egg hunt and carnival.  Em has a chemistry day with Girl Scouts, and I signed up for a 7 am spin class so I can get my workout in before all the festivities start.  

Maybe we can ride the route for the triathlon too. 

With JRTC finally being here, it is reminding me that I need to get busy on preparing for deployment!  My initial to do lists were pushed aside with everything else that is going on, so it's time to create more--I wonder if there is an app for that?

Does anyone have any checklists that they have created that they want to share?

Oh, and earlier this week I was ready to book a one way ticket for myself on the crazy train, but more about that later!


Jeannette said...

Go ahead an book 2 tickets. I'll come with you.

My list is hanging on the fridge. It still says "February" across the top... lol I have check a few off. The biggest is unpack all boxes. I have about 10 left. yay!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I thought Gunner was getting that huge book prepared for you?

Have a great Easter tomorrow!

ABW said...

Yep, getting the book prepared, but there's also getting ready for two vacations, Gunner has a wedding to go to, changing the girls' schools for next year, getting computers put on the mountain bikes, getting bikes tuned up, the list is endless! This is all the extra stuff!

Anonymous said...

JRTC is horrible...I have nothing but awful memories from it. Hopefully y'all will make it through unscathed...sounds like you're one busy lady! :)