Saturday, April 3, 2010

Exercise, Easter, Experiments

I read an article about how it is beneficial to you to work out in the morning.  I read it after I dragged Gunner to a spinning class at 7 am.  It was a wonderful class.  I loved it.  I don't think Gunner shared the same excitement.

We raced to Walmart and purchased baskets, eggs, rubber cement, and all that good Easter stuff.  It was a whirlwind race through the store.  

Sneaking everything in the house proved to be a little bit harder, but I got it all in and hidden.

I am the queen of the 5 minute showers, and shortly afterwards, we were cleaned up and the 5 of us headed over to the parade field for the egg hunt.

It was insanely windy today.  

Even the eggs were blowing away.

Junior started out collecting eggs until he saw the candy.
He ended up with more candy than he got for Halloween.

It was insane.  The girls age group were flying around the field and it was over within minutes.  There was supposed to be a carnival, but I think it was canceled because of the insane wind.

Em went to a chemistry event at the Academy with her troop and had a great time, and learned a lot.  We cleaned, baked, played, and built our garden.  With all of our free bricks, we have a HUGE area for a vegetable garden, and a nice sized area for a flowerbed out front.  Now we just need to get a ton of dirt, and the seeds are on order.  I gave the kids and area to grow their own veggies, and Abs went to a hole and started collecting dirt.  She took Junior with her and they dug and dug and dug, returning with a bag of dirt.  Unfortunately it didn't even make a dent in what we need, so that's on the agenda this week.

We dyed easter eggs using rubber cement.  Junior made a mess of it, but had a great time.
Em and Abs did a few, but were more interested in the dying portion.

The end results were.....

All in all, it was a great day with the family, but a long day.  Tomorrow I am sleeping in, and then Gunner and I are going to try the HUGE hill that is part of the triathlon in just weeks.  Wish us luck!


Uncle Dan said...

Your Aunt and I were reminiscing about past Easters and all of the decorating, dying, hiding, etc that went on. After the girls found all of the eggs, they wanted to re-hide them themselves for a second event, if we hadn't stopped them it may have gone on all day.

Gypsy at heart said...

After we started using plastic eggs, I think it did go on most of the day at our house but I was happy to have them pccupied!

Brandi said...

Teenybop is like that ... Instead of doing an Easter basket, "The Easter Bunny" hides eggs all through our house and when Teenybop wakes up she gets to find them before church. This was our second year doing it, and much more successful than any basket we bought ever was. We don't usually dye eggs because Teenybop and I are the only ones that eat them, but maybe next year we will try the rubber cement thing. I guess we could do just a few eggs, right?