Friday, March 5, 2010


Abs gave us a run for our money.  I really miss her wearing a school uniform.

Today she went to school like this.
This was much more appropriate than when she came home with a pair of her tights on her head the previous day, like gigantic bunny ears.  Clothing that covers her body parts is not a battle I choose to fight.

It was pajama day at Junior's school, and he fell in love with these fireman pajamas from Heidi.  So much so that he insisted he wear them to dinner.  He cried when we made him put on clean pajamas for bedtime.  We're such mean parents!

Have you ever read the book Caps for Sale?  He loves that book.  He was wearing Gunner's beret and trying to act out the story.

We went for pizza, and we were there over an hour after we ordered.  Gunner went to check on the meal and they said it was coming up.  The first pizza came up, was brought out, and delivered to the table next to us.  They delivered us the second pizza at least.  I told the waiter that I wanted a refund on the pizza, and he said he would have to talk to the manager.  I asked him to just send the manager out.

I explained the situation--waiting for the pizza over an hour, our neighbors eating our pizza, and only getting one pizza.  He apologized and said he would take care of it and get us our pizza.  He brought us the missing pizza, took care of our entire bill, which was more than what we asked for, I just wanted the pizza we never got, taken off.  Our neighbors also got the pizza that they ordered, so they thanked us and smiled with mouths full of my pizza as we sat starving.

After enduring painful blisters while running, I went and got fitted for new running shoes this morning.  My gait is fine, etc., but apparently when you move to a higher altitude, they told me that everything expands.  I thought my jeans were getting tight!  I tried on several pairs of shoes and if you saw a curly headed girl sprinting jogging around downtown, that was me.  I ended up with a pair of shoes that make it feel like I am running on air.

I came home, grabbed Sammy, and went for a two mile run.  Sammy could have continued, but it was too windy and cold for me!

Time for us to hit the sack, we have a full day of child wrangling coming up.


The Mrs. said...

shes so cute! and so is junior but abs has my heart. sigh. and your missing sanity right? : )

The Mrs. said...

oh hey i found another great organic fruit type snack, its kinda like fruit leather, all natural, no food colorings, no added sugar, no gluten, no allergy stuff, nothing. only 45 calories too not that our kids have to worry about that. I cant remember the name, I'll email it to you when I look at it tomorrow.

Marilyn Sue said...

For some reason I can't subscribe to this. I had to unsub months ago because it quit working and now I can't sub and get an RSS feed to Outlook . . .

You probably know "The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins." It was always my favorite. This was 50 years ago!