Monday, May 31, 2010

Grandma's Bill

I think my mom is keeping a running tab for Abs.

Would it start with the $15 worth of liquid bandaid that she poured into the toilet?  Box and all.  Em caught her and made her scoop it out.

Hopefully there won't be a $300 toilet repair bill from that episode.

The $3 bag of chips she hid under the bed and devoured?  

Thank goodness my mom buys plants off the dead plant table at Loew's, because the 25 cent plant that my mom managed to make flourish is now without flowers because Abs picked them all and delivered them to the neighbors.  

Abs wandered off today and managed to find.....tar.  What would any 9 year old girl do with it?

Maybe my mom should charge $5 for the oil that was used to clean her up?  Thank goodness she buys in bulk!  

Time with Abs is priceless.....or at least I am trying hard to convince Grandma of that!
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Gypsy at heart said...

You are right, time with Abs is priceless....frustating at times, but priceless.

Uncle Dan said...

Aunt Lou kept a running bill for your Aunt and I and when your Grandfather died, she billed me for $800, I sent her all I could, $80 and never communicated with her again.

The Mrs. said...

your family sounds like a riot!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh my goodness! This just cracked me up.