Thursday, June 3, 2010

Deployment Question #24--We have a date

We finally got an "official" date.  After 4 previous deployments, I know this will change a day or two, but it always makes it a little more real to me.

Of course we are in Texas and Gunner is in Colorado.  Our time is limited, but we have a lot of 100% together 24/7 time coming up.  (I'm thinking with no showers available for a week of that time, we may not want to be close together!)

Even though I knew it was coming, just seeing the orders, hearing the date, kind of gives me a sick feeling.  I knew it was coming, but now I know it is here.

We'll be okay, but don't you have that little "I can't believe this is happening to me again" feeling once they cut orders?


Julie the Army Wife said...

I'm so sorry :( I know how it must feel so real now. *hugs*

d.a.r. said...

So this may be a little bit of a dramatic analogy, but it is kind of like waiting for an execution...once you get those orders with the official date, there are no more chances for pardons, appeals, or second chances. It is a crappy feeling.

Whoa, helllloooo drama queen this morning. Haha!

Hang in there! You are going to do just fine and you guys will make it through this stronger than before.

Jessica said...

completely understand...the orders just make it even more real huh???
sorry =(

Mel said...

Ick. I'm only going through deployment #1, but I can imagine that it never, ever gets easier. I am sorry.

PTSD, A Caregiver's Perspective said...


My son is preparing for deployment number four. He's been to Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq and is preparing for another tour of Afghanistan.

Hubby is a disabled OIF vet with severe combat PTSD and TBI.

My heart goes out to you and your family.

Thank your husband for his service.


Anonymous said...

Surprisingly the date has not changed with this deployment YET! It has been very consistent and block leave is set. So it is kinda nice. But it still hasn't totally hit me yet even though when I see him next week we will only have single digit number of weeks left together.

The Mrs. in Stilettos said...

I hate when the orders are cut because from then on out you have an internal countdown that you can't seem to escape. When you try to not think of it, it still creeps in. We were just talking about the date for deployment number 4 for J last night and wondering if it will stay the same or get bumped up. Enjoy your family time!

L.C. said...

I absolutely know how you feel and yes more than likely when the date changes you have that over looming doom. But on the good news, instead of looking towards the "leaving" you can now start looking for the "coming home" it was what my husband said when I dropped him off last week for D3

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I've never gotten that feeling but I can only imagine. Just the fact that he may have a deployment in the next year makes my heart stop. Loves!!

Uncle Dan said...

We still have several boxes of Priority Mail containers just a-waitin' to be shipped after we get an addresses and an idea of what is needed over there.

Jessa said...

We got orders over a month ago. That was when the whole deployment thing became real. *sigh*