Monday, July 26, 2010

Break Time!

Gunner and his mom ran to Burger King for lunch, so I am taking a break too.

Moving is for the birds.  Luckily the unloading she be a lot quicker, because even with a 26' truck, we have at least three loads that we'll have to do.  That's crazy!

I labeled the boxes that I packed, and Gunner didn't find them very funny.  

They included:
   --useless Army Crap
   --TA50 that never sees the light of day, so why are we carting it around
   --clothes that were in the MBR but belong to children who failed to pick up their laundry
   --comic books that I plan on selling during Gunner's deployment (he would kill me)
   --every canned good we own, because you are strong as an ox (he was able to carry it)
   --BDU's & DCU's why are you still in my house (he says he has plans for them)

The list went on.  Then I noticed boxes with "how much scrapbook crap can one person own" and "will this scrapbook stuff ever get used?".  

Okay, okay, point made.  Good thing he is cute. 

My MIL arrived and has been put to work.  She's a determined German, so you better stay out of her way while she is carrying boxes.  

I hear my name being yelled from the basement.  They must need my brute strength...


Ashley said...

I love how you labeled the boxes! I always ask my husband why he hands on to his old BDUs and DCUs.

Mary Madeline said...

Love the way you labeled the boxes. Thats the joys of packing yourself!!!

Cora said...

haha your comment about your German MIL made me laugh. Sorry that your husband has to deploy yet again. I am following your blog for quite a while now and it seems he just came home from the last one. All the best for your family.

Anonymous said...

I was sitting here on the couch laughing about the box labels. C asked what was up, and he didn't quite find what you had labeled Gunner's boxes to be funny. Then I got to the boxes Gunner had labeled. C was giggling like a little girl over "how much scrap booking stuff can one person own". Apparently, he could relate. =)

Just a Girl said...

hahaha, love the box labels!

DB said...

Having seen your house, what I wouldn't give to come label some of those boxes too!

McMGrad89 said...

:-) We are supposed to be moving, too. (When I have no idea.) But I know when we do, I will have boxes with the same labels and G-Man has been out of the military for 11+ years. Hope it all goes well.