Saturday, July 31, 2010

Can't they just run through the sprinklers?

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Uncle Dan said...

Hose them down with cold water to put a stop to that, or join the Army.

I almost spit-a-gut over this!

The Mrs. said...

whew so my kids arent the only ones who play in mud. and i dont mean get dirty i mean play IN mud.

i started washing them down with the hose first and i didnt even feel bad that the water was freeze your balls off cold. you want mud you put up with it. Junior will love playing in the creek behind our house, its nothin but mud.

Ashley said...

Where's the fun in running through the water hose, Mom? LOL!

Bruna Klock said...

Hello! Your kids are awesome. I loved reading your blog and will come back.
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Its why I was looking on internet for other women that lives the military life and understand better than my actual friends how it is. :)

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cj said...

So, I gotta say it - I love that last shot of Junior. He is just too cute.