Sunday, November 14, 2010

Interactive Metronome

I love the program, and it really helps Abs.

Today I thought we had our last session, but they extended it another week, so we have another three sessions.

That's an additional 4.5 hours of sitting there and waiting.

I know it helps, but another 4.5 hours?  Ugh.

On the bright side, the two ladies that have kids in the program at the same time, are wonderful to sit there and talk with.

The OT is really recommending that we go gluten free for Abs.  We have tried it, but with Gunner gone, it's so much more difficult making sure that I have a well cooked meal, and not to mention when you have 6 appointments a week, it cuts into what you are able to do.

She understands, but thinks Abs will really benefit from it.  I guess I will start in January and try to make it happen.

After OT this morning, Sam's, and a short nap, we were just hanging out.

I could have cleaned since Em and my mom come back tomorrow.

Instead I loaded up the car and took the kids to the outlet mall.  Mama needed new jeans.

Junior was great, and Abs was less than thrilled to be dragged around from store to store.  Luckily at the last store she found a great pair of boots--imitation uggs in patent leather.  Her face lit up.  I couldn't say no, they were so "Abs".

I got those, and found some great deals at The Children's Place.  $2.99 for halloween pajamas....who really cares what they sleep in?  Em spent almost a year sleeping in a red tutu.  I don't know how she was even comfortable, but she loved that drippy thing.

I'm excited to see Em tomorrow and hear all about her trip.

Oh, while we were at Sam's, Junior saw some older lady and got really excited.  He was waving and telling me it was the lady who had to watch him in his "afternoon-in preschool" as he calls it.  She came over and introduced herself as the behavioral therapist that would be working with him, and Junior was so ecstatic.  I think they'll be a good fit.

I had the following conversation with Junior today:

Me:  I don't think Santa Claus visits little boys who aren't potty trained.
Junior looked shocked.
Jr:  Really?
Me:  Yep, we should probably work on that.
Jr:  Or not.
Me:  You don't want Santa to visit?
Jr:  He's got a busy night, it'll be okay if he takes care of all the other little boys that are potty trained, he can get me next year.

I have officially given up on potty training.  He did insist on getting some new underwear at Gap though, so maybe there is hope down the road...


McMGrad89 said...

Well, if you have to go gluten free my friend has a book that she is really loving. I will find out what it is and let you know. Good luck.

Allison @ I heart Change said...

I know you can google gluten free restuarants in your area which might make it easier.

And the person I know here who is gluten free makes large batches of soup and cans them... you could always stuff your freezer which would help too. That's interesting that they think a gluten-free diet will help her. Do you know why? I thought gluten-free diets were just recommended for people with celiac disease. And I'm sure if she had that kind of stomach problems you'd be blogging about it.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Wow, even the Santa trick didn't work? I'm sure one day it'll happen. I don't even know what the normal age is for boys to potty train.

DB said...

Sounds like the whole family needs to go gluten free--good luck! And sounds like Junior has no plans to be potty trained--to give up Santa? Of course, less shopping for you!

Mrs. Bierschenk said...

hahah you really can't argue with his logic, too cute!