Monday, March 28, 2011

We HEART Nutella

Make that a big red puffy heart!  Gunner is German. While his dad was stationed in Germany, way back in the dark ages, he met and married Gunner's mom.  On Saturday mornings, his mom would always make crepes (she even got us our own crepe pan and when Gunner is home, he carries on the tradition).  They would have fruit, nutella, and even ice cream.  (Throw Blue Bell on anything and I am there!)

I was selected to host a nutella party, and invite 10 of my friends over to enjoy in Nutella festivities.  How can I say no?  The kids have inherited Gunner's love of the stuff (For the record, I am not a chocolate person, but because of the hazelnut, I have been known to eat a little nutella on occasion.)
We had gift bags, we had recipe cards, we had samples of nutella, coupons, nutella coffee mugs, and of course a giant jar of the stuff!  ( pictures of the food, because I spent my time trying to keep my kids from devouring it all!)

We served up some crepes, peanut butter and nutella (which is what my kids lived on during our trip to Disneyworld), and fresh fruit with nutella to dip it in.  Everyone was in heaven!
There's just enough nutella left for Gunner, and I have hidden it from the kids.  Do you eat nutella?  What's your favorite way?  We always ship it to Gunner while he is gone too, so he can use it to make a quick sandwich when he comes back from patrol and the mess hall is closed.    
(Even Uncle Dave attended the festivities!)

*The nutella and all nutella merchandise was provided to me at no cost for me to evaluate and share my opinion.  The opinions are mine and mine alone.  How can you not like nutella?


Vintage Love and Photographs said...

A nutella party and I wasn't invited?!!? I like it for cupcake frosting ;D

Lisa said...

Nutella--yum! I eat it on toast, eat it with apples or pretzels, or just off the spoon!

On a Journey said...

I love it on a buttered English Muffin. HEAVEN.

Uncle Dan said...

I can get two jars for the price of one Nutella out here. Being on SS makes a difference!

McMGrad89 said...

Having never had Nutella, the girls asked for some this weekend and I succumbed. The reason I have never purchased it is because I can only imagine how good it is and being OCD I don't need to add another addiction to list. The jar sits unopened on the counter as we speak, taunting me. Yet, I stand firm and will not open it and will leave it for Cait and her friend.

Heidi said...

So question about your Nutella . . . was it in a plastic or glass jar? I have a friend who says the 'real' Nutella from Europe taste much better than what you buy in the US. The difference we think is in the packaging of glass or plastic . . . what do you think? How is Uncle Dave doing on the potty training of Jr?