Friday, April 1, 2011



I will see his face.
I will no longer have to be the only one chasing children.
I will be able to hand over potty training to him of his son.
I will have to give up control of the remote control every night.
I will have a lot more laundry to do.
I will find my house buried in a sea of ACUs.
I will have the "Army" smell back in the house.  ( you know the smell I am talking about?)

I need to quit coming up with optional things to do and get the house straightened up.

I've made banana bread.
Found a cookie recipe that apparently I need to try before he comes back.
Window shopped online.
Emailed with a friend.
Thought that I really should go to the store to get a new trash can, but then thought better of it.
Watched mindless tv.

Anyone else procrastinate right before redeployment?

(When we lived in Germany and Gunner was returning from Bosnia, I waited till the last minute to do everything.  They said they would give us a 3 hour warning.  Instead we got about a half hour warning, and I had to shower, find something to wear, and race over to help a friend get her kids ready since she was a fellow procrastinator!)


Amanda M. said...

I am so happy you will have him back soon. My hubby is getting ready for his first deployment since we've been married and I love reading things like this. It makes me remember it's only temporary. And yes I will probably wait until the last minute to do everything.

Abby =) said...

Congrats on your hubby coming home! I have NO idea how that feels but soon I will. =) My husband and I are on our very first deployment..his first as well. Its extremely hard but like Amanda M. said I remember by reading things like this that it is only temporary. He will be home soon. Not soon enough though. =) Have fun procrastinating! I imagine I will be the same exact way.

McMGrad89 said...

Yay! He's coming home. I am the same way when Gary is coming home. And YES! I remember that smell. Don't miss it.

Lisa said...

So glad he's coming home soon! I'm really looking forward to your homecoming post!

And I know the Army smell! I could almost smell it as soon as I read that. I'm going to miss that smell while P is at school.

Erin said...

So happy for you guys! And yes, I always procrastinate before homecoming! said...

I'm so happy your family will be all together soon! Yay!

Seriously....Me. said...

Its nice to read 'the other end'. My Husband is getting ready to I am on the flipside...