Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm addicted....

I'm addicted to Groupon.  I'll admit it.

How was I supposed to know that I needed to try out that restaurant I kept driving by?  It was delish.

It started out slowly, and grew.

I joined Living Social.

Then our local newspaper had one.

I'm sure there's another one I subscribe to as well.

Without them, I wouldn't have known I wanted to go rock climbing in Garden of the Gods.

Or go up in a hot air balloon.

Or bike down Pikes Peak.

I had a massage and a facial.  I had 6 laser treatments (for less than $100) and no longer shave my armpits!

Let my husband try crossfit for a steal.

I discovered a love of Sri Lanken food due to the newspaper deal.

I'm signed up to take a weapons class.  I'm terrified of guns, btw.

I look at the deals of the places I am going to visit.

I obviously have a problem.

I told Gunner if the Afghan restaurant in town has one, I am all over it.  He said I could eat alone and that it would not make him feel more at home.

What deals have you scored from Groupon?  What deals are you looking for?


McMGrad89 said...

As long as I don't hear that you have started Extreme Couponing. I might I have deny knowing you if that happens. I have decided to stay away from Groupons because I can't afford to fall in love with something else.

Lou said...

im a groupon freak also..its so hard to pass up a good deal

Anonymous said...

I find that most of Pandora's commercials are about Living Social and Groupon (and Rosetta Stone) but I never gave either much consideration. If it's that addicting, I don't want to join. I have enough guilty pleasures as it is ^_^ haha. Have you gotten any luck finding good deals on FourSquare? If you use it.