Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Extreme Room Makeover

My mom is a bargain shopper with big ideas. She can see something and can envision something great being created from it. It doesn't matter how odd of an item it is, it is useful and she needs it....especially if it is on sale. Over the years she has accumulated quite a few million craft items for pennies on the dollar. She has a beautiful room that she has stored these items in and where she would go to create.....till the "bargains" took over the room. My sister and brother and sister-in-law spent 3 days emptying, building shelving, tossing, organizing and donating my mom's "treasures". After two trips to Goodwill (don't go buy back your stuff mom!) and a trip to the dump we managed to make the room livable. It's not perfect...that would require about a month of working straight through, but it is now a workable situation for her and we expect her to create great things.

I know it was very hard for my mom and she was a trooper and after the first day left us alone. She did grab on to the fact that she couldn't find one "work in progress" and gave us a really hard time about it. She bet my sister-in-law $10 that we had thrown it away, and it struck me today where I put it and sure enough it was still there and she apologized profusely. Whew...I was really starting to think that I had tossed it!

Anyway, I will continue to help her organize the room but if anyone sees her at the local Goodwill trying to buy back her stuff or Hobby Lobby or Michael's trying to replace it, please have her drop the items and slowly back away from the store--and take away her coupons!

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