Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Family Reunions

My husband's family is having a reunion here this week. I think the big day is the 4th of July, but while I was busy organizing my husband took the kids over to his parent's house to hang out with arriving family members. I don't know much about my husband's family or his brothers (he has three). Last night after I went to dinner with my mom and sister and her children I ventured over there for the festivities.

We had a few drinks and sat around and talked and I learned a lot about my husband. His oldest brother was there and passed on some stories. His other older brother will arrive today so I am sure I can hear more about what a perfect angel he was not!

The kids are loving hanging out over there and swimming, playing and hanging out in the huge dog kennel. My outlaws built the kennel but haven't finished with the tarp on top, etc., so the kids just hang out in it and have a great time. This is Abbie playing prisoner.

Tomorrow should be interesting with this group of people. Hopefully I will survive.

P.S. DH survived his surgery and is recovering nicely. :)

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