Wednesday, July 4, 2007

More Family Reunion

This is turning out to be pretty interesting albeit very tiring too. We slept in till almost 10 this morning. I told DH that we need to get back on a normal schedule before we leave for DC.

My outlaws have 12 extra people sleeping on their floors. (Thank goodness we are just 20 minutes away and can come home every night!) FIL is concerned about the electric bill and the water bill and complains constantly. If someone turns on a fan he turns it off. The house is over 85 degrees and full of flies (especially gross after going to NASA and the grossology exhibit and seeing how flies barf every time they land ewwww).

The FIL is also not happy that all these people have to use water. In order to alleviate some of the stress one husband and wife were showering together to conserve his water. The abundance of laundry that needs to be done is a sore spot as well since that requires both his electricity and water. There is just no way to win I guess!

The kicker was last night when he brought out lanterns for us to use for light instead of electricity. I wonder what today will hold. At least we will be grilling so that he won't have to complain about us using the oven!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure your FIL isn't related to Marie?

Jill said...

Unfortuantely I can relate to your FIL with the electricity. Houston has just about the highest rates in the state. I remember having a lot of people visit a couple of times. I love my family but I felt crowded, to say the least. Hope you can have some fun.