Thursday, July 5, 2007

Now I am really packing

and it is 11:35 at night. We just got home from Walmart. We were right on schedule and everything was going smoothly till we were headed to Walmart and then the outlaws house and I noticed that the lawn needed to be cut. (I am thinking it rains more here than in Seattle these days) So DH cleaned out the car with the help of the kids and I mowed the lawn since he is still not able to do much physical activity (or so the doctor says, lol). We made it to the outlaws late and then stayed too late. After you finally say you are leaving it takes 15 rounds of saying goodbye to everyone. I was glad to see everyone that came and learned a lot about my husband and his family through this reunion so I guess some good came out of it.

I confess I did take a nap this afternoon, but I was sooooo tired! I still have to finish packing and get everything ready to be loaded in the morning. I think when I go to Hawaii I will be far more prepared.

Stay tuned for updates on the Beverly Hillbillies go to DC....

P.S. To my defense I called my mom at 10:30 and she was vacuuming and was doing laundry. I wonder where I get it from...

Twas the night before leave
And all through the house
The washing machine was going
While my husband did grouse

And I in my sweats with my hair pulled on back
Had just settled down to write lists of what to pack
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a Washington DC guide book
And I started to fear

Here we are about to depart
And we have yet to plan our start!
The laundry’s not done, the house is a mess
The trip is not planned I started to confess!

I called up my mom and started to cry
She just listened and laughed and knew not to pry
For she was not much better I soon heard
And my nephew was joining this menagerie I’d herd.

So although the future is quite uncertain
We have reservations and a trip-tik I am certain
So the 7 of us will venture out of our state

And hope that our trip will end up with ????? (I can’t think of anything that fits. LOL I better go pack and be more constructive…I think how tired I am is showing.)


Michelle said...

Well I hope you were able to get things done. At least you can say you were trying to get it all accomplished :)

Leslie said...

dont feel bad... i call my mom organizing at like 1 or 2 am and she is doing the same! or vacuuming.. or dusting... or especially laundry... xoxo