Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I am waiting for my husband to get redressed for me in the costume he ran PT in this morning, then I can post some pictures. It was funny, I wish I could have seen everyone elses costumes. The battalion did a run and his entire company was dressed up in the 70's. They had some more elaborate costumes too. One group dressed up as matadors with white tshirts and red bandannas around their necks. Behind them the mule was dressed up as a bull. Another group was firefighters, their mule was dressed up as a fire engine and their were hoses running up to the front of the formation for the guys to run with.

Some companies wore masks, some wore the trash bags designed like pumpkins that you stuff with leaves. There were other groups that dressed up as pirates and so much more. I could have taken some great shots, but the thought of getting all three kids up and dressed on a school day for that didn't sound appealing. We had enough problems getting to school on time this morning!

Tonight we are going over to trick-or-treat with a friend of mine and her two children. We've done it for the last few years and the girls really enjoy it. We still need to carve pumpkins today too. Check out my this blog, she's got a great story about Halloween up and cute pictures of my Abs.

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Uncle Dan said...

Y'all have fun and be safe tonight.