Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Haul

The girls had a great time last night. Junior was so busy looking at everyone and everything he didn't have time to nap or do much of anything else. We met up with our friends and their daughter went and got one of the neighbor girls to go along with us and we waited for her parents to come too. Out walks the mom who is the pilates and boot camp instructor at the gym we go to. Of course I was shoving a piece of candy in my mouth and I had skipped her class that morning. She asked me if I would be at boot camp this morning, but that is the class that always kills my feet. I am going to the gym though. That has to count for something.

My husband went to the doctor again about his back and they are finally going to do an MRI. They told him exactly where the problem is and hopefully after the MRI they can fix it.

I got an external hard drive since my other one was almost full and my husband said that he moved over half my hard drive when he transferred just the pictures. Guess I need to get some printed up. I wish they made it easier than uploading them just a few at a time.

DH is off tomorrow so I am hoping to sleep in. We have a ton of stuff that we need to get done and on Saturday the girls and I are going to see Cats with my mom, sister and nephews. I can't wait! I have no idea what it is about, but I have heard about it over the years and have always wanted to see it. DH will stay home with Junior since he isn't too big into musicals. He did go to three of them while we were in NYC.

Speaking of NYC, we went there back in 2005, before DH deployed to Iraq the second time. My friend Peggy lived directly across from the Empire State Building in New Jersey. She opened her home to us and we had a great time! Not knowing anything about the area, when I booked our tickets I had us fly into La Guardia during rush hour. Being the good friend that she is (I've known her for 23 years or more) she drove there during rush hour and picked us up. My first introduction to NYC was scary! We had the cars coming at us at all angles and even got nudged from behind by a cabby. Another huge car got so close to us that I opened the window to ask what he was doing and Peggy let him over. We finally made it to the NJ side and we circled around trying to get to a grocery store. We finally get there in one piece and without me having a heart attack. While shopping, my friend who was keeping Em the first weekend in order to take her to a Girl Scout camping trip called to tell me Em was throwing up. Got everything taken care of and managed to enjoy the rest of our trip. (Did anyone see us on the Live Times Square camera?) My friend Marcie who is the world's funniest and one of the best friends I could ask for came down from McGuire AFB for the day. It was so good to see her and I am hoping to see her over Christmas too! Anyway, if you go to the USO in NYC you can get tickets to Broadway and off Broadway shows for $3 a piece. (The $3 is considered a donation)
I'm home from the gym (I did run 3.25 miles) and I have an interview next week for part of my plan. Just have to choose the program I want and hopefully get into it!


Uncle Dan said...

We had only 2 kids come trick-or-treating last night. Some times we have none and that means all of the good candy is ours to eat.

Anonymous said...

You forgot two of the funniest parts of the story:

1) Because the flight was arriving in the early afternoon on a holiday, I expected traffic on the way back from the airport but not on the way to the airport. I had only lived in NJ for about two months so I asked around at work and everyone said driving through midtown Manhattan shouldn't be a problem that time of day on a holiday. Unfortunately, none of us remembered that in NYC, holidays usually also mean parades. I got a picture of the Veteran's Day parade with my cell phone from the wrong side of Broadway!

2) Your reaction when the pushy taxi driver tried to cut in front of me from the side to get into the turn lane for the Lincoln Tunnel (after driving past two blocks of people waiting in line to make the same turn). You moved as far away from the door as you could without taking off the seatbelt. At the same time you put your hand over the not-even-visible baby bump and repeated over and over "Don't let him squish the baby". I thought you were going to end up sitting in my lap : ) Even DH was laughing in the back seat!

It was fun having you both here. I'm surprised you didn't post any of the photos with the post. I'm sure everyone would love to see the images of you and DH (the one for your MIL) and you, Marcie and your "special friend". I can send them to you....