Monday, October 29, 2007

Temper Tantrums

Junior has learned to get mad.

He's done it a few other times, but today he had two tantrums with socks.

Abs was playing hubby's PSP on the couch and Junior wanted it and her attention. She ignored him and continued to play her game. Junior tried reaching for it. She moved over. He tried yelling, she told him to quiet down. He finally started grabbing socks (I keep all the socks that I hate to match in a wicker basket by the couch in the hopes that someone will match them up while watching tv--BTW, it doesn't work) and throwing them at her. He would yell, grab some socks, throw them and wait for a response. Abs continued to ignore him. So Junior grabbed more socks and threw them on her. She kept playing her game. Junior continued this until he wasn't waiting for a response from her anymore and was madly grabbing socks and throwing them at her as fast as possible. DH went over and stopped Junior and had him help pick up the socks and then got him started playing with something else.

I'll have to try and catch it on the digital camera, this little guy is hilarious!


Uncle Dan said...

His quick temper may run in the family.

Anonymous said...

At least he plays with clean socks.

ABW said...

Uncle Dan--Must be from his father's side of the family!

Anon--Remind me not to let L teach him the finer points of playing with dirty socks.

chard said...

it doesn't come from my side of the family. -dh

Anonymous said...

I concur that the temper doesn't come from dh's side of the family....not that I'm trying to imply it comes from anywhere else, it must just be a "freak" occurrence as neither of his sisters nor his mother has ever been known to have a temper ;)

rose_michelle said...

How funny! Hopefully it's a phase and he doesn't move to heavier items ... like pillows!