Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tueday Ramblings

I worked today and tried to help my mom clean out some stuff. We didn't get very far, and I left her with specific instructions to get rid of an entire drawer of "dickies" and old socks. I should have taken them with me because I am sure I will see her start wearing them now that she "found" them.

I got a bluetooth in the mail--just a cheap version off of newegg.com that got great ratings. Now I won't be driving illegally since you aren't supposed to drive on post without a hands free device.

My husband has to dress up in a 70's costume tomorrow for a PT battalion run. I'll be sure and get pics. He might be my WW if we get our act together.

A week and a half till we are in Hawaii!

Report cards came out today and the girls did great! Em made A's with a few B's, and Abbie made straight A's. So proud of both of them.

The little girl across the street came over and so I asked about her grades and she told me she made an F in math. I asked her why and she told me it wasn't a big deal because now the school had to provide her with tutoring. I would be really upset if my child made an F.

I absolutely hate going to the Killeen walmart any other time than first thing in the morning.

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rose_michelle said...

I WalMart outside our post sucks too! It's not even worth it, but it's all we have. Congrats on the smart kids ...

My Grams "recycles" stuff I throw out too. It drives me insane. It's like they shop at my house!