Monday, November 26, 2007

Cell Phones

Last night when I went to HEB with Em and Junior, I forgot my list. I thought about calling DH to see if we needed spaghetti sauce, but my phone was dead. On the way home I mentioned to Em that my cell phone was dead. She looked panicked.

Em: What if someone tries to call us?
Me: They'll have to call me at home.
Em: What if it is an emergency?
Me: It'll have to wait.
Em: Don't you have another charger?
Me: No, they only included one wall charger and no phone charger.
Em: But you can go buy a car charger.
Me: I could, but that would cost money and I don't really need it.
Em: (Panicked) But it would be better than missing a call or a text.
Me: We'll be okay, I'll grab the charger Wed.
Em: But what about till then?
Me: You know Em, they haven't always had cell phones.
Em: You're kidding right?

I explained to her how big cell phones used to be--the bag ones--and how as technology changes electronic devices get smaller. She was amazed.

I remember the old cable boxes that we had to get up and turn our tv on UHF or VHF or something like that and then we could press buttons on this box that was on top of our tv. Of course if you didn't have cable back then, you could still get the basic stations. We didn't get a microwave until I was in 8th grade. We also didn't get a VCR until I was in high school. With my Christmas money one year I bought a portable CD player. My dad told me that it was a waste of money and would never take off since after 8 tracks people were unhappy about upgrading to tapes, and they sure weren't going to upgrade to cd's.

I wonder the future holds.


dutchgirl said...

Lol! Makes you wonder how we ever lived back in the stone ages! My dh and I were watching an old episode of Miami Vice awhile back and they had a car phone - those first ones were huge!

Uncle Dan said...

Cell phone, heck we had a party line for some years. I also remember going into town to watch the black and white TV's playing in the hardware store, of course it was a test pattern only, how many remember the Indian head in the middle of a group of circles or the United States flag waving and the National Anthem playing, as the station signed off.

Anonymous said...

I remember Dad giving Mom an I.O.U. " good for a CD player in the car of [her] choice." Mom said, "Oh boy! I get a new car!"

Anonymous said...

I remember browsing through the tapes at record store in the 80's thinking how cool it would be if we could only buy the song we liked instead of an entire album... like THAT would ever happen!!!!

rose_michelle said...

I think that often, since I was raised in a very low-tech manner with no TV, radio, movies until I reached college. When I finally got a TV and saw Gilligan's Island, I wondered why the Howells had so much clothes for a 3-hour tour. I guess that takes the fun out of it.