Sunday, November 25, 2007

Made it

The inlaws showed up at noon today with a car full of Thanksgiving. We set the table and served it up. After the food was on the table, it took the girls all of 10 minutes to eat lunch. (And Abs didn't even want anything that they brought) The food was good, and as soon as we were finished they loaded it all up and left. Kind of strange really. Oh well, I can't figure them out.

My MIL cooked a HUGE turkey and since my FIL is leaving tomorrow, they took the entire thing home and guessed it....feeding it to the dogs.

Em and Junior and I went to HEB tonight to stock up on non-turkey related food. After 4 days of eating the stuff I am ready for a break.


Uncle Dan said...

We went to D#1's for Thanksgiving and brought home enough for dinners on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Thank heavens it's all gone now.

Anonymous said...

I made broth from the carcass so I can make soup. Yep, turkey butt soup is coming my way!