Monday, November 26, 2007


After Abs incident with biting at school and getting into the TAG program the same day, I was curious how she would do at school today in her new classroom. I met Abs after school and asked about her day. She told me "it's the same thing we do every day, all we do is arts and crafts all day and I love it!".

Great. Hopefully she is learning something! It reminds me of when I was in high school and in the gifted program there for English. We decided that we wanted to rewrite Julius Cesar to make it more modern during the spring semester. A group of writers spent all semester writing it, while the rest of us planned everything else aka did nothing but socialize. I was cast as one of the attendants in the play and didn't even have a speaking part. The time came for us to present our play to other classes and it was the same day that my sister graduated from college. I went to her graduation and missed the play. I did make A's all semester though.

Let's hope that the quality of the program has improved!

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Uncle Dan said...

You with a non-speaking part? I just can't believe that.