Friday, February 29, 2008

7 things about me

Michelle over at A Cup of Tea With Friends asked me to reveal 7 things about me. I told her that I asked Gunner to tell me 10 things that he considered strange about me the other night and they came way too fast to his mind!

1. I make lists. Lots of lists. (Gunner says I make lists of lists, but I wouldn't go that far)
2. I mowed lawns to earn money in junior high and high school. I took the job over from my brother and made probably $100 a week if not more. It was a riding lawnmower so it was easy money.
3. I broke a tooth swinging between two bunk beds at camp. I had a great dentist and you can't tell.
4. I was a buyer for a grocery distribution company. I hated the company, loved the job and loved most of my coworkers.
5. I went to Vegas after I graduated from college with two friends. We had a great time!
6. I am scared of heights.
7. I love brussel sprouts.


Uncle Dan said...

How about Punkin' pie?

Anonymous said...

I remember the tooth thing!


Catherine said...

Lists???? I dont remember you being a list person! When did you get so organized? *smirk*

Snow said...

Brussel sprouts? Say it isn't so. ;-)