Friday, February 29, 2008

Never Again

Tonight I met a friend for dinner. A simple feat right?

Not in Killeen and not on a payday.

We went to TGI Friday's and couldn't get a seat. So we went to Wild Bill's or something like that. Waited over an hour and a half in the bar--standing up. Then we got seated and the kitchen was backed up.

Luckily we had a lot to catch up on so we didn't mind the long waits.

Next time though we will wait for a non payday to venture out. I'm too old for these late nights.


cj said...

I think that's typical of a Friday night just about anywhere. It is here. You either go early (before 5) or you wait forever.


Marine Wife said...

Payday weekends in a military town are definitely NOT the time to go out! Of course, I still make that mistake and then kick myself afterward each and every time!

Kasey said...

I do not miss Killeen on payday one bit. Dh and I always said "Oh, it's payday? Yeah, we won't be driving anywhere off post." haha It is bad here at Bragg as well, but not quite as bad as it was when we lived at Hood.