Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Full moon & Flooded bathroom

My kids were crabby today. Junior cried all morning until he pointed to a Barney figure and said sing. I sang the Barney song over and over and he was happy. I needed to get things ready to walk out the door so I let the girls watch Barney with him for about 10-15 minutes and he actually sat still. Of course once Barney went off he was back to his crabby self. I took him to daycare and he cried because I wanted to take off his hat, he cried when I wanted to take off his jacket, but he didn't cry when I wanted his binky. Guess he chose his battle.

Abs flooded the bathroom. Last night she got out of the tub and there was no towel so she decided that the next best thing to dry herself off was toilet paper. She used almost an entire roll to dry herself off and then flushed. She was really quiet. Poor kiddo. She helped clean it up and now understands that you can only dry yourself off with towels, no toilet paper. I didn't know that I would have to make that a rule in our house.

Em went to the doctor and her foot is still not healed so she is still in the boot. That set her off to be as miserable as possible and make everyone elses life miserable too. I know the boot itches. I know the crutches hurt. I know it is boring. I don't think she will ever skip again. This morning when she was gimping around on her crutches she stubbed her good foot and is now walking with her gimpy foot and the toes of her other foot up in the air. She is convinced they are broken. We will tape them tomorrow to see if that helps some. She said that she *knows* they are broken, so I am kind of worried since she was right about her foot! I might definitely be out of mother of the year for next year too.

Tomorrow is the dreaded EFMP meeting for Abs. Wish me luck. Gunner is going to go along with me--probably to keep me from asking them stupid questions just to waste their time like they are wasting mine. Since I couldn't get an appointment till Friday for Junior in order to get his EFMP forms filled out, I'll have to have another one of these "meetings". Please.

Camp Purple dates came out and if Em and Abs get in, I think I will send both of them this year. It's free and Em had a great time last year!

I worked today and we had our weekly mexican food fix. We don't even order anything different every week, it is the same meal and it is always exceptional.

Predeployment briefings are coming fast and furious. I guess I'll have to go to one. So far the 1/2 days they were promised aren't materializing and we still haven't done our taxes or a few other legal things that we need to get done. I did get 8 hours of observation scheduled though, so that's one thing off my plate and five million more to go.


Catherine said...

Ewww - I hate toilet issues, even relatively clean ones. Your flooded toilet trumps my 3rd day at home with a flu-ridden child.

Hope today is much better and that your meeting with EFMP goes quickly and painlessly.

dutchgirl said...

I'm so sorry... and I'm so laughing about Abs and the tp. Don't worry, I'll get my come-uppance when my kid figures out how to flush the toilet.

Bummer about Em's foot!

kiel said...

hi...i just dropped by your blog while searching for military wife stuff... am an army wife too from the philippines.

good luck and God bless to you and your family

Tiff said...

Drying your body with a hole roll of toilet paper has not happened here. . .yet! I would not want to clean up that mess!

Erin said...

Oh my. I laughed so hard when I read about Abs and the toilet paper!

And Scout isn't getting the "half" days as promised either. So much for squeezing in as much time as possible before they leave. :(

And dang, I've been totally out of the blog loop! I have a lot of catching up to do...