Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Dick Cheney is coming to Hood today so everything is crazy around post. I won't even venture out to main post today.

Abs and Junior mayb have thrown up in the night/morning, but they were running around like wild monkeys the rest of the day. Abs spent the day in her room tying yarn to everything and playing dressup and dinosaurs. She can definitely entertain herself all day long.

So far none of the rest of us have caught it, so hopefully it will stay that way.

I am trying to get my classroom observation hours done and am having a hard time getting anyone to call me back! I'd love to get it all done before Spring Break but it's not looking too promising. I have to do 10 hours in 2nd and under and 10 in 3rd-4th. I have 7 hours so far, but they have to be in different schools, etc. I put out more phone calls and emails this morning and am hoping that someone will come through. I had 4 hours blocked off today to observe but I'm stuck observing my reflection in the computer screen or the sink when I scrub it. Guess I will apply for scholarships and get some ebay stuff listed, and clean Ab's room for good measure. Loads of fun I tell ya...


Dave said...

I thought this was boycott ebay week to protest their fee hikes?

Catherine said...

craigslist is free...thats how I have been spending Andrews sick day!

Anonymous said...

Yay for ebay!!!!!!!

Sell, sell, sell!