Thursday, February 21, 2008


I am trying to decide what to do with the girls this summer while I am in school. They have daycamp on post which I will use the majority of the time. In the past they have gone to acting camp, but I think that might a little much for them since Em has her big trip this summer for most of July.

I usually send Em to Girl Scout resident camp for a week. She absolutely loves it. I tried sending her to one locally and it was not a great environment. The next year I sent her back to one of the camps I used to attend and she had the time of her life. Last year we made the 5 hour commute to take her to a camp I used to attend on Galveston Bay--Casa Mare--and she loved that one as well.

This year they have restructured the GS councils and we are in a new one. This means that that have new camps available for them to attend. I thought if I sent her to one locally that it would be easier on me since I can drop her off on Sunday and pick her up on Friday and we won't have the 5 hour commute, just an hour or so.

Then I thought that maybe Abs is ready for camp. Maybe I should rephrase that as in I am not sure if camp is ready for Abs! I pulled up the quiz they offer to see if your daughter is ready and here are some of the questions:

Do you enjoy outdoor activities like hikes, sports, and sleeping in a tent?
Can you survive without a radio, TV, video games, air conditioner, and a phone?
Can you see daddy long legs, bugs, or armadillos without running around shrieking?
Can you make your own bed and keep track of your own things?
Do you like to meet new people and do things with other girls, not just your best friends?
Do you enjoy sleeping outside and listening to the sounds of nature?
Do you like to help plan activities and the things you do?
Are you ready to sleep in a tent or cabin with other girls knowing your counselor is in a nearby cabin?
Are you willing to help with kapers (camp responsibilities) like sweeping, setting tables and picking up trash?

My favorite is the running around shrieking! They didn't ask if she likes to play in mud, create messes, or wreak havoc on everything around her, so maybe she is ready?


Anonymous said...

She would do great at Arnold! Maybe you could send Abs and Em at the same time, but to different sessions.

Gypsy at heart said...

I wish I could go along as the camp nurse.

Anonymous said...

Gypsy at Heart: "I wish I could go along as the camp nurse."

From what I remember, the camp staff could have their kids and grandkids attend for free in SJGS. You should go for camp nurse!