Thursday, February 21, 2008

Egg Whites

Who knew it would become such a pain?

Junior is allergic to egg whites and now they are telling me that I need to enroll him in EFMP because of that. I explained that it is just plain eggs I don't want him eating, he can eat anything that is made with eggs.

So this means another doctor visit, another set of paperwork and another "hearing".

Are they seriously going to offer me 16 free hours of respite care for an egg white allergy? And they are offering it for Abs. Wonder what they will give me for Emily and her gimpy foot?


Anonymous said...

What is EFMP?

ABW said...

Exceptional Family Member Program

Fort Hood EFMP

Anonymous said...

I'd take free respite care. As a civillian we don't get any for Travis. But I do find it funny that a food allegery qualifies you! Ha! No milk for me.....will they take care of me for a few hours?


Uncle Dan said...

Tell Jr. he is just like me. I have been allergic to eggs, unless they are mixed into something such as bread or cakes. I have been this way for the past 30 years or so and have learned to work around fried, hard boiled or other wise cooked eggs. I really have to check contents of some foods also. No bib deal.

dutchgirl said...

What?! That is crazy. Guess I missed the boat on that one! My daughter was mildly allergic but has outgrown it in the past year.

How is Em's foot doing these days? Is she tired of it yet? ;)

ABW said...

It's insane! Seems like it is just more work than me. I understand wanting to know more about Junior's allergy, but do they need to call a meeting for it??? Talk about people wasting their time, this could be done in the room with the people that need to know or with the director of the center.

Em is soooooo tired of wearing the boot. She keeps coming out without it on and I sent her back and say "I will know when you are ready to come out of your room because you will have your boot on." Apparently that makes me mean! She goes to the ortho next Tuesday and I hope he gives her the all clear. She is no longer fascinated with crutches, lol.