Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flat Daddy

We got our flat daddy the other day! It is free, but there is a huge backlog so it takes a while for them to get to you. The girls were really excited and Junior was puzzled.

We will mount him this weekend and he'll be ready to go! I'm very grateful for those that donated so that military families could receive one. Maybe I need to make a flat Em, Abs and Junior to travel to Iraq. Let me just add that to my list of one hundred million things that I need to do before he deploys.

Reminds me I need to get our taxes done!


Uncle Dan said...

Taxes, don't remind me. I have to schedule a meeting with our accountant soon.

Anonymous said...

Flat Daddy - great idea!

Blogging for Friends said...

Maybe you should get a flat me. Then you wouldn't have to cry so much and I could dream of ultimate skinniness!

TripleE said...

Our flat daddy is a little worn around the edges now... and he rarely leaves the house. The kids did leave him outside accidently once, and he blew across the yard like a kite. Poor guy.