Thursday, April 17, 2008

59 trash days

Still making progress in the trash front.

Junior is still sick. He's been running a fever since Tuesday and has been on antibiotics for an ear infection just as long. No change. Can't wait till the appointment line opens up and I can get him in there again. It's no fun watching him being miserable.

Abs should be up but instead she is crying for her daddy. When will she learn that if she goes to bed when I put her there that she will not be so tired and cranky in the morning? Instead I spend almost every evening chasing her out of the window, the hallway or my room, where she is reading.

Em is already dressed and playing with Junior.

My friend Peggy is having a problem with her roommate not using soap to wash the dishes. She's looking for ways to talk to her without hurting her feelings. My suggestion was that she should talk to her while she washed her own dishes and lick the fork and put it in the drawer. It sounds like a sure fire way to make a point if you don't want to address it head on!

I got Junior an appointment this morning and I am hoping he doesn't have pneumonia. Poor little guy is watching Barney and hanging out. I never knew one small body could produce so much snot.


Uncle Dan said...

Didn't Em have ear problems when Gunner was stationed in the Northwest? I seem to remember it.

Susan said...

I hope Junior feels better soon, it is amazing how much snot can come out of such a tiny nose.

trying said...

I hope junior makes a recovery soon! you since both are kids are germ factories we should just send them off to an island all together... maybe they could swap what immunities they do have!

Good luck at the dr.s And I hope Abs has a good day today too!

oh and I love your fork solution. We had that problem with a roomate in college so we filled the bathtub with dishsoap and water and put all the dishes in there. Got our point across swimmingly.