Monday, April 14, 2008

Round Rock Express

The RR Express had their opening night on Friday, April 11th. They usually let the military in free, but they made the first night 4th ID night, so I picked up tickets to go. The girls got out of school early for the 1st CAV welcome home party (useless fact about Gunner--he was in 1st CAV when we met a hundred years ago). We didn't attend the welcome home party and instead got ready to leave the next morning for Dallas.

Anyway, the girls and I picked up Junior and went to my mom's house since she was going to go along with me. I can take three children out in public, but it is easier to have an extra set of eyes on them--especially on Junior and Abs.

All 4th ID Soldiers and families were supposed to go on the field before the game started, but we of course were late and got there after they were already out there. Not a big deal, but the kids thought it would be cool. If you were over 21 and had an ID card you could have one free beer and peanuts. hit the spot.
Earlier in the day when I got the girls from school, Em swung open the front screen door and bopped her sister in the head. It left a mark and a huge bump (which is now a huge bruise). While sitting in the grass Abs somehow managed to fall over and hit her head on the concrete wall. She cried and cried. We weren't off to a good start. She unfortunately wasn't wearing the green colander on her head at that point. The green colander was a gift from my uncle to my mom years ago. Somehow the kids latched on to all of them--yes, she received more than one--and they use them to carry things, as helmets to play soldiers, and Abs wore it to the game so she could use it to catch a baseball.

Junior wanted peanuts but because of his allergy to eggs we were supposed to hold off. Luckily I had granola bars in my purse. Although he had just eaten an entire happy meal, he scarfed down three granola bars.

Then there was a ball....high in the air.....coming our way.....luckily the right fielder caught it. With the way things were going it probably would have hit Abs in the head.

The kids were hungry. They wanted everything that anyone was selling. I finally agreed to get them a sno-cone thinking that it would take a while to eat and there would be enough for everyone. Well Em didn't want to share with her sister. Abs and Junior didn't have a problem sharing though. Once Em realized she was going to go without she agreed to share. They finished the sno-cone and then wanted cotton candy. Lemonade sounded good. They could really use a funnel cake. Why was I starving them? Why couldn't they eat anything? The whining continued. Never mind that I had just dropped $18 on Mickey D's for the kiddos and I knew they had full bellies. I just have a hard time dropping $4.50 on a bag of cotton candy or $3 on a lemonade.

Finally after an hour of the kids wanting to eat the entire time, watching very little baseball and Junior running off in every direction, we called it a night. The kids did have fun though, and that's all that matters right?


Blogging for Friends said...

When Mike was in Alabama the boy and I attended a Cardinals games. To this day, I would rather take him as his pretzel, soda, and hot chocolate ($7.50 for the hot chocolate, but what a cute little travel cup it came in!) still does not come close to feeding the man a few beers and brats at the game! I decided last year I am never taking the girl again....she walked around, took pictures, and drank enough for the entire bullpen!

The boy's own baseball season starts tonight. 50 games in 3 months. Oh my empty gas tank and missed bedtime!

Uncle Dan said...

Don't worry, they'll remember it in later years.

Michelle said...

Ah...sounds like loads of fun lol. I know I have years of this stuff to come too, someday I might not think it's as funny as I do now lol.

trying said...

It sounded like fun, a lot of work for you and lots of eating, but fun none the less.

your little one is allergic to eggs? My three year old is allergic to eggs and peanuts. I almost find the eggs trickier then the peanuts. Especially finding a replacement for decent cake recipe!

dutchgirl said...

I'm trying to laugh quietly over here because everyone in my house is asleep! That is the stuff that memories are made of, but good thing the peanuts came with a beer!

Dave said...

Good thing their Tia wasn't there....she would be saying the same things -- "Ooh there goes the cotton candy guy. Ooh, there goes the peanut guy. Ooh, there goes the beer guy. Ooh, please buy me some nachos"....etc.

T said...

It was great reading about your day. I read about this game online. It sounded like a moving tribute. My soldier is based with 4ID at Ft. Hood. He's in Baghdad for another 9 1/2 months...

I just found your blog through Trying to Grok. I will add you to my blog roll!