Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Part II

Our nails are done.Abs in a bright blue and Em in a bright purple. I of course stuck with conservative red. Boring.

We shopped. We ate. We talked. They declared it a great day.

We were on our way to daycare to get Junior and I said something about the powder all over the bathroom.

Em: There was powder all over the shower last night.
Me: There was?
Em: I mean all over, I wondered what you were doing mommy.
Me: Abs? I thought you confined it to half the bathroom.
Abs: Well it said shower to bath.


Anonymous said...

If Em got blue and purple, what did Abs choose?

I'm so confused.....

Anonymous said...

What fun. Had my nails done too but it's a french manicure. Good luck with Tucker tonight. Wish I could be there. Give him a kiss for me. And thanks for doing that for Erin. You are wonderful!!!

Love, Erin's Mom

Jessica said...

I love your blog and added it to my list of blogs. If you would like me to take it off I would be more than glad to accommodate your wishes. Thanks for such an interesting read though! Come bye and visit anytime. I love to see what the other wives from different branches are doing. I am a Navy wife. HUGS!

trying said...

Hilarious! Well it does say shower to bath so really what can you expect!! Again, be thankful it WASNT toothpaste.

you should post a pic of your very colorful nails. I'm a nail bitter so I'll just live vicariously thru yall. : )

enjoy your weekend!