Sunday, May 18, 2008

Not to be...

I mentioned that I hoped with the girls on antibiotics and Junior just coming off (finished 20 days of amoxicillian on Friday) that we would be in the clear.

Not going to happen. We just got home from the weekend clinic (which for all you Fort Hood people is now walk in only so get there early, but they said Sunday is always super slow). Junior has a double ear infection with huge amounts of pus, strep throat (probably), and pink eye. All this and he was in there singing the ABC's for everyone. Poor little guy just can't win! He's playing nicely, and if it wasn't for the fact that he ALWAYS has an ear infection, I wouldn't have known to take him in since he is pretty good natured (which he gets from me!).

So back on antibiotics we go, and of course augmentin means diarrhea. The doctor did put in a referral to ENT, and I know some people balk at tubes, but she said we are getting to the point where they are constant and severe and could start building up scar tissue and affecting his hearing. Not on my watch!

My mom had the girls overnight and they will pick berries after church today and then she will return them home to me. I'm off to sanitize the house, replace toothbrushes and clean out the fridge. Can't get much more fun than that!


Uncle Dan said...

Tell Jr. we love him just the same.

Marilyn Sue said...

I know you are already a reluctant expert on this, but I Googled some articles on how to tell strep from a sore throat or from tonsillitis. Of course you don't want to fool around if you suspect strep because it can lead to rheumatic fever. But there are things you can do to triage.

In my experience, a bacterial colony in the back of the throat which is a circle of white spots around a red bump is absolutely strep.

Red bumps MAY be tonsillitis. Pus from the tonsils is also probably tonsillits, but that appears as the infection is clearing up and expelling the pus. It is yucky and gagging, but you can use the end of a spoon to knock the white chunks out, which relieves the swelling. (This is probably a doctor no no and your kids won't stand it, but it works.)

If you are not doing it already, look at their throats a couple of times a day after diagnosis so you become very familiar with how each condition looks.

Her are some links I thought were good:

I suffered until I was in my mid 20's when I had a bout with very high fever. Still have my tonsils because my pediatrician was against removing them. I missed 6 weeks of the first grade with these ailments and probably was out with strep twice a year. My doctor (who worked in a small town but was the first woman to graduate with a Harvard MD) finally said if I got sick one more time, she would take the tonsils. That did not happen again while I was a child, but I wish I had had it done when I was really young and been saved that suffering. Because you do suffer with strep and semi-hallucinate with the high fever. I still hate my mother's patterned curtains I watched for hours in a feverish state! :)

A new elementary school is opening next door this fall. I think I will volunteer a day a week, but know I won't last if I get sick all the time.

I hope your children are passing through a stage and will put this behind them. Poor babies! (And I include you in that too!)

Take care of yourself because you need to fight off any infection to look after them.

And don't listen to people who tell you don't do this or that (like the tubes) unless they know what they are dealing with. I have a grandniece on Ritalin. When you have a girl who can't stay still and is always in trouble in school, but is happy otherwise -- you know something is wrong. Esp. when she is the youngest of three girls and is not like they were. She does much, much better now because she can concentrate in school. In kindergarten she said she had too much to say to bother raising her hand!

I believe mothers are not listened to as they should be and sometimes that causes them to lack confidence. (I don't mean you here!)

It is sad because years later you will hear doctors say the same thing and then everyone listens . . Autism is the current example. Mothers know when their children are not developing properly, but some doc looks at a chart and says the kid is fine. Years later they get the extra help with development that should have started at an earlier age.

Jessica said...

I suffered from hearing issues as a child mine was due to fluid being backed up into my ears from over enlarged tonsils. They removed my tonsil and I could hear again. I was reading lips at age 4. My parents thought I was developing behavioral issues but no, just couldn't hear. Anyways, I will keep the little guy in my thoughts and prayers. I hope things will get better for you guys very soon! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

We did Tubes for Travis. Best thing EVER!! I'm not sure If you remember ot not but I was always sick w/ throat or ear infections. I nearly had the toncils out multiple times and am now looking into it as an adult. I hear it sucks, but hey when the Dr. lists int he chart that they are near;y golfball is something to consider. :)


T said...

When I got to this point with my older daughter, I knew there had to be another way. I bought the book "Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child" and it changed my life. I decided to use homeopathy (instead of antibiotics and tubes) to help her with her ear infections. It worked and she is now 6 1/2 and hasn't had an ear infection in 5 years.

Feel free to email me if you have questions. It does work and there are NO side effects. It is much less expensive too.

By the way, he won't have diarrhea if you give him acidophilus while on the antibiotics. You can buy this at the natural foods store. (And I know there's one in Killeen. I told my soldier about it before he was deployed from Ft. Hood.)

Good luck! Hang in there.

I love your blog!

Christan Trotter said...

I am a HUGE fan of tubes. As are several of my friends!!! My girls had CONSTANT ear infections until they were about 4 1/2. They were eventually diagnosed with MRSA, treated and have had NO problems since (knock on wood). So get the tubes,he'll do great. Also, consider having his adenoids removed - that helped the girls too! I definitely sympathize with your frustration, but hopefully he'll grow out of this problem soon!

Catherine said...

Hugs to you and Junior, we feel your pain!! Andrews entire second year was spent on antibiotics with ear infections. The only clue I had it was a new infection was the circles under his eyes from sleeping poorly. I was at my wits end when doctor said "one more infection and it will be time for tubes." Must have scared the bacteria because somehow he has been ear infection free for years now! Still, if we had gotten that next infection I would have marched him in there for tubes without reservation - they can be a godsend to children (like ours)who need them. Hoping it doesn't come to that but its nice to know there is something available that can end the constant battle with ear bugs! Again, Hugs to both of you!