Monday, May 26, 2008

Soldier needs mail

I was talking to Gunner online today and he mentioned that there was a Solider with him (a medic) that is not getting any mail. Gunner asked the Soldier if he needed anything, but he insisted he was fine. If anyone is interested in adopting this Soldier, please email me at ! Thanks!


Uncle Dan said...

I know that he shares what we send to him anyway, but you could let us know anyway.

Michelle said...

I think that's very sad. I would definitely like to send him something, I'll email you with my email address :)

Nina said...

Ditto, I'll email you too.

Anonymous said...

I may not approve with the war for many reasons (let's not go into that now), but what you wrote about the soldier who is a medic and has no-one to send him mail has touched me. I know there must be many of them, I often encounter initiatives like yours on the 'net.
Can you pass on to him the greetings of a Belgian lady who appreciates this man's service to his fellow men ?
Many purrs and head-butts from our six kitties too.