Monday, May 26, 2008


Pig roast on Saturday. I left once my MIL showed up and told the neighbor that we won't come visit her because they don't have a pool and started sulking. don't come to visit because you have 6 dogs and your house is a disaster, smells, and is unsanitary! They are always welcome to come to my house!

Sunday we saw my brother and SIL. Abs hung on my brother's every word and she and Em loved spending time with him. They told me on the way home "Uncle Dave is like Daddy, he likes to spend time with us and he's funny."

Got the car tuned up today--Toyota will deliver your car to you, so we opted to go that route. I'll definitely buy a toyota again! They will even pick it up, service it, and return it to your office before the end of the day. Can't beat that!!!

On a whim, since Junior has had a rash since Friday night, I thought I would take him to the doctor. He pulled at his ears a little, but nothing major. He just finished his augmentin this morning, so I wasn't too worried......but instead, he has another ear infection. He's on a different antibiotic this time. I will call ENT on Tuesday, since we need to get this squared away, and fast!!!

Last week of swimming lessons.....I see the light at the end of the 10 week long tunnel.....


Anonymous said...

I'm soooo sorry that she behaves like that. Some adults never "grow up".

Dave said...

Such high praise from the girls. I'm flattered.

BTW - the tape is doing well!