Thursday, June 5, 2008

All the idiots were out today

Some days I wish I had never left home because it seems like everyone that I come into contact with is some sort of idiot/moron/jerk.

We went to the ENT today and Junior definitely needs tubes. They think he has about a 10-15% hearing loss, and that tubes will correct it. They also recommended early intervention for speech therapy. I am waiting for a call on when they can schedule the surgery, and they will take out his adenoids at the same time. And when they checked his guessed it.....another ear infection. Back on augmentin. My heart just breaks for him. One part of his ear had dimpled from fluid being on it constantly. Apparently not a good sign. Wish they had sent me to an ENT back in March/April when I requested it. At least he will hopefully be on the road to recovery.

I got the cutest onesies for my brother and SIL's baby. One says "Someone in Iraq loves me" and the other one says "My Uncle is a Soldier". A funny story about my SIL--over Christmas they were in St Louis with us, and had joined us for breakfast downstairs. Gunner wanted some butter or something and I was sick and didn't want to get up to get it--to my defense I was really sick!! My SIL offered to get it, and Gunner refused. She kept insisting and finally Gunner agreed that he needed the butter so she got up and got him some. My brother watched and then said "Hey, I don't get that kind of treatment!". My SIL said "When you go to war, to protect me, I will get you some butter." My brother could only say "Valid point."

After getting the shirts, we headed back to Darnell to go to the pharmacy since it wasn't open yet, and I needed to drop something off in Temple for a funeral. We got back there and it took two freaking hours to get one tiny bottle of antibiotic. At one point, I was ready to go postal on the girl that was smacking her gum behind the counter and kept calling up this one guy to flirt with him. She was so sad and pathetic. They just revamped the entire pharmacy in order to make it much faster to get through the line, but I think it has slowed down the entire process. There was no sense of urgency from anyone working there, and it wasn't until the line was out the door that they added additional people to process the orders. Of course that was just the line you stood in to get a number to be called on in order to wait for your prescription. So they got everyone seated and I guess felt a sense of relief because it looked like they were working harder.

I got my parking permit and id card updated for the summer terms, now I just have to continue looking for a job. Hopefully something soon so I have a little bit of stress off of my shoulders. Yeah right!

....I just bathed and put Junior to bed. He was so tired. He's also covered from head to toe in a rash. I don't know what to do anymore, and all the doctors do is give him creams that don't work. He takes zyrtec and benadryl on a daily basis, and that doesn't help at all. I feed him tons of yogurt and buttermilk to no avail. Guess I'll try to book him an appointment tomorrow since he's only gone twice this week. They should just give us a standing appointment.

My mom took Abs to Houston for the Pompeii exhibit. Abs was amusing herself by counting cornfields. I miss her already, but it is a welcome break as she is a full time job in herself. Em wants to go get pedicures tomorrow, so maybe in between doctor appointments we can get it in. I'm due for one anyway. I also need to schedule a microdermabrasian too!

Maybe I don't have time for a job?

On the bright side Gunner called. He also sent this picture.


Uncle Dan said...

Has Jr. ever been tested for allergies?

The older some children get, the more help they can be. I know that's true of C8.

trying said...

I feel so much for you. We are going thru much the same with dash-1. Thankfully we dont have any problems with his ears but allergies are a nightmare. He also is on zyrtec (which after trial and error does work better then claritin) but also has to take benadryl what seems like around the clock. he has a pesky problem of his face and eyes swelling up. and the doctors keep dragging their feet, just scratching their head. the only progress we got was from a civilian gastro. Its oh so frustrating, especially when its your baby. I'm hardly an allergy expert but if you ever have any questions or want to compare what's been done and whats worked (more likely what hasnt!) feel free to email me. its on my profile page.

good luck figuring it all out!

Christan Trotter said...

I HATE Darnall! Everytime I have go there for ANYTHING, I feel like I should take a valium. About the rash thing - let me know if you ever figure out something, my hubby has broken out into a full body rash 2x this week, for no apparent reason! Its weird! About the tubes - Junior will be a different child, totally, when he gets his tubes! God bless the man who came up with that idea! Good luck with your walk!