Monday, June 2, 2008


Saturday I went to a teaching job fair. Still no job. Long story, and goodness knows I have lots of opinions on it, but I will keep my mouth shut for now. (Don't die from shock mom!) Before I left for the job fair, I managed to lose my hair thingy, have a button fall off, the camisole was too lowcut and the socks I bought were XXXXXXXXL and could have stretched up to my thighs. Never a dull moment.

After that fiasco, I went to San Antonio for my SIL's baby shower. It was a lot of fun, and I love to see baby stuff! Just from the time Em was born, everything has changed. Junior is almost two and there are new things out since he came along. I need to come up with some trendy baby item so that I can retire and not have to worry about job fairs.

Sunday Erin and I did the Run for the Rovers 5k. I ran a lot of it, but I need to practice running outside more than running in the cool air conditioning at the gym. Pictures and the story can be found here.

Abs was up at 3:15 this morning watching Tom and Jerry on tv. I got her put back in bed and hid the remotes. Then her light was on and she was reading. I turned the light off and by the time I was back in bed and settled, I noticed it was back on. I unscrewed her lightbulbs and burned the crap out of my finger.

I was really looking forward to getting the kids to school today. Before school even started the nurse called me to let me know that Abs had tripped over her shoelace and landed head first on a desk. I raced up there and she had a massive lump on her head. They asked me if I was taking her home with me--she didn't look like she had a head injury. I told her if she came home that she would have to sit in her bed, not sleeping, no tv and she would have to help me scrub the kitchen floors. She opted to stay at school. If I thought she was really injured I would have brought her home, but she would have enjoyed that too much. I'm turning into my mother. We could be hemmoraghing to death and we would have still had to go to school!

So a whole day to myself to clean, organize and get some job related things done. Time is flying by too fast already.....


Erin said...

Your stories never cease to make me laugh!

Anonymous said...


Jason Vrane said...

You could've interviewed in your pajamas at

trying said...

doh! maybe they were impressed about your nametag...."now that woman is an individual!"