Friday, June 6, 2008

Screwed Up

I was trying to change the colors on my blog and screwed it up, so I had to go with a whole new look. Still working on getting what I really want up and working.

I took Em to the doctor this morning for a physical for camp. I finally have a child that is healthy as a horse. Thank goodness. To celebrate I took myself to the doctor and I had RSV, which then led to RAD and she wrote down bronchial asthma or something like that and gave me an inhaler. She said I should have been in there weeks ago. Who has time for that? She said I should take the inhaler before the run and that should help a little. Best laid plans of mice and men. Maybe an early bedtime tonight, like last night, will help.

While Em and I were out today we managed to get some shopping done. She is so picky! It can't have flowers, be too girly, or be too form fitting (no complaints from me there!). She is perfectly happy wearing two shirts and sweat pants all the time. I told her that I was not going to send her to camp, in one hundred degree heat, to dress like she is at the north pole. We ended up going home and not shopping.

Later she came and apologized and asked for a second chance. This time we headed out to the PX, with Junior in tow, and actually managed to find a few things. We had to shop in the Junior's section as the children's section is too small. It really leaves us with very few things to choose from once you alleviate all the clothes that are too short/tight/low cut or form fitting. I looked at a pair of shorts, and I kid you not, the inseam was a whopping ONE INCH! They might as well wear their underwear only, because it covers just as much. Anyway, we managed to find a pair of shorts that were an appropriate length (thank goodness Em is not an exhibitionist!) and a few shirts.

After the clothing, we headed over to look at shoes. I got Junior a pair at Dillard's today and Em was upset with me there because I wouldn't buy her a pair of $140 tennis shoes. Ummmm...not when you are 10! We finally found a pair we agreed upon for $57. I skimp on clothes, but I don't skimp on putting good shoes on my children's feet. That's one thing my dad always did for us, and I still follow those rules.

Since Abs was with my mom in Houston, I called to see what color shoes she would wear. She refuses to have any pink in them. I hope that the ones I found pass muster (the nike swooshes are magenta), since finding a pair of girl shoes without any pink on them is impossible. She told me to go shop in the boy department, but I didn't see anything over there that I liked any more. At least I can return them if they are "too pink".

So after just under $150 for three pair of shoes, I know why Gunner and I stopped at three kids. Thankfully all my kids are usually able to wear out their shoes before they outgrow them.

I'm nervous about the 10K tomorrow since I can barely breathe. I finally start class on Monday and I can't wait! The girls are excited about going to the "summer camp" on post and Junior will stay put in his room until he is three, so I am hoping everything settles down into a routine. Knock on wood or as my Grandma would say "touch wood". Shoot, at this point I will beat on the wood if it will help my case!

I talked to my mom tonight and it sounded like she was enjoying her time with Abs, but my mom was exhausted and Abs was still going. My brother even took her on a run with the dogs, but the dogs got tired and Abs was still going strong. Welcome to my world!


Uncle Dan said...

C8 loves to go shopping with me as she says I have such good taste and I know what her Mom will allow her to wear. Of course we always save the sales slip so that they may be exchanged. It helps also when she wears the same size as her Mom does.

Vypergirl said...

I have asthma also and I always use my inhaler before I run - it does help! Keep it on you too in case you need for an emergency....I sure you know that though! Good luck at the race today! LAW and I are doing the Marine Corp 10K, but that isn't till October.

Anonymous said...

run...........I don't do that.


trying said...

i love the new look!