Thursday, June 5, 2008

The next step

This weekend I will be doing a 10K that benefits the organization TAPS. This organization supports military families who have lost a Servicemember. I have heard great things about them, so I couldn't think of a better organization to support. I'm a little nervous about doing a 10K, and this will be the first one I will be doing alone. My SIL assures me it is more fun to do them alone, so we will see! I am excited though, and the after the race party is promising massages and food. Hey, my two favorite things!

Wish me luck, I will need it! Now it's off to plan my next race. These are addicting!


trying said...

wow. a 10k.


T said...

Good for you!!!

Isn't is a great accomplishment to finish a race? Its like, one you cross a finish line, you've suddenly found that you have to do another race and then another. But what a great addiction!

Go girl!

Reasa said...

WOW!!! A 10k. You are becoming my hero. :)

New Girl on Post said...

10K? Wow! I'm so impressed! I don't think I could ever run that long.

Uncle Dan said...

Your Blog has changed as often as the price of gasoline has.