Sunday, June 8, 2008


When Em was a baby, I changed her diaper one time and found that she had eaten a piece of magnetic toast and it was smiling up at me (it had a little face imprinted on it).

Abs pooped one time and I was rewarded with a gold star that she had eaten.

And Junior...oh Junior......I changed his diaper yesterday and had to take several looks to realize what I was seeing. The boy swallowed a gigantic acorn. It was over an inch long and super fat. I don't know how he got it down or out! Ouch!


trying said...

children are amazing beings arent they?

Uncle Dan said...

No wonder they make such a big deal about small toy pieces and children. I'm glad there was no such stuff when our girls were growing up, or maybe we just couldn't get past the smell to investigate.

New Girl on Post said...

Ha ha...this made me laugh so hard! Especially at you finding the toast.

Catherine said...

For my Sarah only jewelry would do. A cheap, lead based silver heart charm AND bracelet!! I was on poo patrol for two days before it passed. What ever happened to pennies and nickels??

Kasey said...

LOL, this made me laugh.

The strangest thing I have found in a diaper so far is a John Deere toy tractor tire.