Sunday, July 13, 2008

Feng Shui my life

I was talking to my friend Jessie last night and she was giving me some feng shui advice, so today will be spent taking it and running with it. Our health corner is junked up with toys and goodness knows we need help in that area for little man.

I'm also contemplating taking him to the doctor today. I hate to not take him and then have to hit the er during the week. I also need to clean Junior's room so that I can walk in there. He has the tiniest room and since my FIL put the toddler bed in there, and the crib and stuff are still in there, you can barely squeeze through. I'm still not ready for him to go to the toddler bed yet though.

New story of Em up......

Talked to Gunner yesterday for quite a while. He looks good, mail is slow, and they have a new Iraqi Army to train. He told me once that the IA always tells him that "Allah blesses you" because he has three children. Then they go on to tell him to have more and more and they puff out their chests with pride at the 6, 8, 10 or more kids that they have. Gunner just shakes his head. Guess they don't have a waiting list for vasectomies like they do over here.


trying said...

The allergy testing has made a big difference. We are still in the stages of figuring out how best to handle stuff but its helped a lot. It took almost a year for them to put in the referral for it, and it was only after his first anaphylaxis incident. Apparently they take the breathing stuff serious. I say push push push for it. I've seen a difference, in his health and his behavior. If you have any questions, please email away, my address is tryingourbest (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Leo said...

Some Feng Shui Tips would really make a change to your life. At least it won't hurt to try some small things.