Monday, October 6, 2008

7 month itch

We are about to hit 7 months of this deployment.

It sucks.

I know that a lot of people hear from their spouses every day, but I don't. I'm excited that Wednesday is Em's birthday because it means that we will get a phone call. Sad but true.

We went to the grocery store tonight--HEB. Em tells me at 5:30 that she needs clay and toothpicks to make wigwams out of at school tomorrow. Of course that led to perusing the aisles of HEB and buying more than I intended. I get my food hoarding habits from my mom.

After the adventure during rush hour at the grocery store, we got into the car to head home, where the girls started fighting and next thing you know there was a sippy cup flying. I about lost it. Yeah, these are the best days of my life?

I went to Ab's parent teacher conference today. Abs was supposed to get a referral, but luckily her teacher understands her and knew that she wasn't being malicious when she found the crayon on the carpet and decided to color the floor. The principal made her scrub the floor until it came up. I made the teacher feel better when I told her about how Abs spread poop all over the principal's office at her old school. Yeah, Gunner was gone for that too.

I.miss.Gunner. Plain and simple. I know he has an important job, or so I keep telling myself. I just want him home. I'm not one to sit at home waiting on him and doing nothing. I have been productive while he's been gone.

I did 2-5k's and 1 10k.
Went to school and have 1/2 of another master's degree done
Only lost 5 pounds, and but only been in the last two weeks.
Kept 3 children alive and well for 7 months. (That's a HUGE accomplishment some days!)
Junior has tubes.
Abs is back in PT starting tomorrow.
I am headed out of town for the weekend with Em for her birthday, if I ever get a hold of the reservation line.

Life goes on, but I sure miss Gunner...


Amy said...

I'm positive you will get through it and be a stronger person because of it. (At least that's what I keep telling myself!)

My suggestion - which you already know - it to stay busy. That always seems to help us.

Uncle Dan said...

Your Dad and all of us are very proud of your accomplishments, don't ever forget that.

SIL said...

Hang in there Korin. Although I'll never know truly how you feel, I am grateful everyday that there are dedicated soldier's like my outlaw bro. You're doing an excellent job and congrats on the running K's. It'll get easier the longer you stick with it. Like life, I guess.

Dana said...

I am not sure how exactly I found your blog. I don't think I have ever commented, but this tugged at the old heart strings! It is wonderful that you have made it this far and are still sane. Be very proud of your accomplishments. I really have nothing helpful to say because I haven't endured a deployment yet (first one coming up), but I know it has got to be the hardest thing ever. I am here at Hood too if you ever want to talk!

Gypsy at heart said...

They serve too, who only stand and wait.......

Anonymous said...

And when he gets back, we'll all be fighting over who gets to get up and get the butter for his bread.

Susan said...

I know that empty feeling when your other half is so far away. Sending big {{hugs}} your way.

Elizabeth said...

i too am a military wife (air force) and while my husband is not deployed i promise to say a prayer for you & your family and pray that gunner gets home safely...and that the time until then will go quickly. keep your chin're doing such a service right now.

The Mrs. said...

boy I feel bad for ever complaining. I'm amazed at the strength you have demonstrated during the past seven months.

Hang in there!