Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday and the girl in the dryer

11 years ago today Gunner and I became parents for the first time.

He left me alone in a hospital in Germany to race on the autobahn to get my mom from the airport. I was not happy about that, but it all worked out and he made it back in time.

Em was the perfect little baby, never crying, potty trained early, and was content to let me tell her about the finer points of strategic management as I finished up my MBA. She was only 8 lbs 6 1/2 oz when she was born, but by three months she was a butterball at 20 pounds. They talked about putting her in physical therapy because she was so fat she couldn't roll over. In the end it all worked out.

I couldn't imagine the last 11 years without her...although there are times when I really thought I was going to lose it. Isn't that how it is supposed to be though? (Of course I was a perfect child for my mom, so I am sure she never felt that way, lol)

Happy Birthday Em! Because I am late, you can see pictures here.

And want to know why at 7 years old I still lay out Ab's clothes??? Tomorrow she can wear regular clothes because she has never been tardy. I told her to find some clothes and come put them in the living room. She walked out with pink came capri pants and a white shirt that she had wrapped around in criss cross fashion across her chest and it tied in back. I vetoed it. She balked. I told her to go look in the laundry room, and she rooted around for a while in the clean clothes. (have I mentioned that I hate to fold laundry?) She then asked me if the clothes in the dryer were clean. I assured her they were and went back to what I was doing. Ten minutes later I had to go check on her.

I walked in the laundry room to find my dear Abs in the dryer.

Me: What are you doing?
Abs: I'm hanging out in the dryer.
Me: Should I ask why?
Abs: Probably not.
Me: Seriously, why are you in the dryer.
Abs: I've always wanted to hang out in here and see what it is like.
Me: Are you done?
Abs: Yeah, it's not very exciting in here.
Me: I can only imagine.

My desire to have a front loading washer has diminished. No telling what I would find in there.


Christan Trotter said...

I always love reading your blogs. It gives me great comic relief. You should definitely turn it into a book like those "Chicken Soup for the ... Soul" books. There isn't one out there for Army wives (I don't think at least). I think if you put your stories and add some others, it would be a best seller! I don't know how couples without kids survive deployment (although I know you guys do, out there). Kids always give us a way to forget the loneliness if only for a minute!

Anonymous said...

It could have been more interesting- she could have "helped" Andrew hand out in the dryer :)

Anonymous said...

I really should proofread before hitting publish. I meant hanG out in the dryer of course :)

SIL said...

Two things:
1. Happy Birthday to Emily!

2. Tell Abbie next time she wants to hang out in the dryer to fold the clothes while she's in it. If she came to our house and hung out in our dryer she would be folding her Uncle David's clothes. I see this runs in the family too.

The Mrs. said...

Happy birthday to your first born!! She was the one to break you into this parenting thing. Lucky her!

As for the dryer.... their could be worse places to hang out I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Oh she makes me laugh. Happy Bday, Em!!!

Web CRM said...

she really make me laugh.

rose_michelle said...

Too funny ... When he was little the puppy, Sgt. Major, used to climb in the dryer to get his blanket when I washed it. I never got to take a pic.