Sunday, January 11, 2009

Are you ever ready?

Hmmmmm....depending on when Gunner actually comes home, we might be down to single digit trash days. Is that possible? Am I ready? Not.even.close.

So let's recap, just a few days, you know how the military can change things. We had no orders and were staying here for the next million years. Then Gunner got orders to go to a school at Fort Knox, enroute to........Fort Carson. Just what I wanted a few days ago! But since we didn't get them, I had moved on, made plans, and accepted everything. So now I guess we are going, but it opens up a whole new set of problems.

His school ends after school would start for the girls at Carson. School won't have started in Texas though. And all this boils down to that I just spent thousands of dollars to become a teacher, and now I can't teach?? Geez. It'll all work out, it will just give me something to worry about in the here and now.

I never made it to the gym yesterday after I carted children around, sat in class, worked, carted children around and finally ate dinner.

My mom took Abs and Junior and I to Luby's last night because it used to be buy one adult meal, get a child's meal for free. The place was deserted, so that should have been a red flag for us. We get up there and they have done away with the free kid's meal and raised their prices. Trying to stick to my new meal plan that I paid the big bucks for, I asked the guy behind the counter if he had anything that wasn't cooked in butter, fried, or greasy. They came up with something like a hamburger, which I am sure they didn't use the lean meat for. I passed and didn't eat at all. The people were extremely rude, and when we asked if they were closing they were non-committal about everything. Strange. If by some miracle they aren't closing, then they will be soon since they have such poor customer service. My mom showed me the receipt where they charged us for a drink that we didn't get, so I took it up there and they told me the ticket was from Burger King. That was a nice ending to the horrible meal. Guess I should pay closer attention!

Fell into bed last night after talking to Gunner, just exhausted.

So much to do, so little time.


Allison said...

Congrats on your move. I don't know the time frame of when school starts there, but I've heard before that even after school has been in session a few weeks sometimes schools still need to hire teachers for unexpected increases in students. Of course, a year off to enjoy the beauty of Colorado isn't bad, either.

Casey said...

You may be able to find a teaching job mid semester, or even later on in the first month of school. Classes always seem to overfill and new teachers are needed. Also, have you looked into the spouses2teachers program? They may help pay for the cost of your Colorado certification. Good luck with all that :) Colorado will be great!

jlc said...

Oh no!!

Yeah I know what you mean. Everyone thinks it's "so easy" for teachers to pick up and go, but there are certification rules to follow and tests to take. Ugh it's just a hassle and pray that everything will fall into place for you.

Carson is what we are dying to get after CCC. I can't wait to hear how you like it! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't really like Luby's anyway. No kids meals? No big loss if they close. For the price mom paid you could have eaten at El Charrito! (you could have had fish tacos);)

dutchgirl said...

Yeah! It will all work itself out. My dh just submitted his list for our next assignment this summer and Carson was near the top ;) You know how that goes, but I would love to meet you and the gang!