Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The new microwave

is in full swing. It cooked our dinner last night, our breakfast this morning and our dinner tonight. No wonder it was worn out.

We headed to the px bright and early, but it was closed till 11. I needed to hit the commissary too, so we headed over there. Halfway through Junior wants out of the buggy. Em assured me that she would hold his hand, and so I let him out. I continued walking down the aisle with Junior in between his sisters holding their hands.

That beautiful picture was short lived. By the time we rounded the corner, Junior wanted to have one hand free to touch everything within his reach. This meant that one sister was without his hand, which led to Abs crying and Em gloating.

"He loves me more"
"No, he loves me more"

on and on and on. They were so busy fighting that Junior started running, with no hands. I finally got everyone back on track and the commissary journey ended with me carrying a screaming baby and the girls unloading the cart and fighting over who go to take what out of the cart. "Just put it on the conveyor belt" became my battle cry. So we head home where I made all the kids unload the car. How nothing got broken, I still don't know.

We loaded back up and went to the px, because nothing can go smoothly! We hit the px and find a microwave. There was little selection, but I was in no mood to bargain shop with this crew, and goodness knows Abs has to eat and she can't without her microwave!

I had to buy a present for Tucker's birthday, so we perused the aisles of the px.

Got that taken care of and raced home so that we could eat lunch and go to Tucker's party. I thought it started at 1. We were an hour early. Left at the time it really started so I could drop the girls off and then raced back to the party. Pictures to follow!

Left the party to take the girls to Girl Scouts where I paid for cookies and picked up a few more some friends ordered. Then went back to the party, where Junior had a complete meltdown because I cut his cake in half. The screaming and screaming and screaming got to me, so we headed home where he cried himself to sleep for the 10 minutes we had at home. At that point, 10 minutes was a welcome reprieve from the noise.

Got the girls then fed them their microwaved dinner before heading out to take the girls to the local gymnastics studio for an hour of instruction to earn a badge for Girl Scouts. They had fun, and Junior ran around like a wild man. Abs was jumping off a vault into the pit, and before I could stop him, Junior went flying through the air behind her. I didn't know he could fly that high. Of course since he was so small he started to sink to the bottome of "the pit" and I suddenly remembered a story about a girl being smothered in the pit.

We rescued Junior from the pit, and we finally headed home. By this point, since we had dinner at 5, they were hungry again so we had to stop and eat again. Enter microwave stage right. Guess I really do use it for everything. Of course I don't do anything gourmet like The Mrs. such as chicken nuggets. Might have to add that to my repertoire.

It's Tuesday and I started these the other day....a million more things to blog about now, but they get their own entry. :)


Marine Wife said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading about that day. It's no wonder your microwave gets such a workout! We mainly just use ours for popcorn.

Freakin said...

It's times like these that I'm glad mine are grown and gone. :}

Uncle Dan said...

We have started getting those small Healthy Choice, Dinty Moore or Compleats meals that are microwavable, they have a limited choice and some are better than others.