Saturday, January 31, 2009

My song...

On the 325th day of deployment my true love left me with....

Two girls that got into a fight and the resulting victim was my digital camera that went flying across the room.

And I found it while I was cleaning because they hid it in the couch in the hopes that I wouldn't use it between now and their graduation from college? It wasn't my rebel, but still. Their solution? Buy a new one. With your money kiddos! They are both banned to their rooms right now.

I am in the process of resetting our cable box since it isn't working. It better start soon cause I can't go without my cable tv in the evening. Sure there are millions of things I could do then, but I need down time.

Junior took a nap and so did I. I went back to check on the girls and found Em asleep. She is approaching being a teenager with full force.

Last night I went to tuck Abs in (who still is not allowed any lightbulbs) and she was chewing like she had a cud or something. I asked her what it was and she finally admitted that some gum just popped into her mouth. I asked her where she got it from and she "just found it in her bed". Luckily I got to her and the gum before she went to sleep with it in her mouth and woke up to a HUGE mess!

And on a sad, sad, sad note.....I have fed the kids fast food three days in a row. On the bright side it has been different places--Sonic, Wendy's and McDonald's. I HAVE to cook/microwave tonight.


Uncle Dan said...

Well at least someone is home and communicates with us.

Anonymous said...

Hello.. I am too an armywife living here in the Ft Hood area.. I was I begin the long deployment days once again. I have photographed Redeployment Reunions and if you are interested.. I will do it for you. Please contact me at

I can email pics of past operation love reunited.. Thanks.. I'm thinking you've almost made it to the end!!