Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Dreaded TAKS

The TAKS is tomorrow and I've been pulled from my room to help administer it. Should be interesting I guess. I hope my students behave for the sub!

Tonight was supposed to be my last training session, but my trainer booked someone else , who just happened to be my friend Mel. Mel gave me her spot after some discussion and me trying to talk to the head trainer, who is about as bright as a box of rocks. I'm just ready for training to be over so I can go when I want to and not during the peak times and have to wait for daycare. I can't wait till Gunner is home and things like this are just a little bit easier. Em hates to go to the gym because all the little kids flock around her and she doesn't want to be bothered.

Since tomorrow is the TAKS, I cannot miss school, and when I picked up Junior they told me he had a low temperature of about 99. Let's hope it's nothing serious. Poor little guy.

Still no word from Gunner, so I imagine he is busy being moved around while the Army tries to figure things out. I sure miss that guy. Just having him here in the same house will make everything seem easier, even if it really isn't. Does that make sense?


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The Mrs. said...

makes total sense! adult company, conversation, and sanity is VERY important!