Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Year Deployment in Review

When Gunner left it was supposed to be 15 months. Thank goodness it wasn't!!!!

When Gunner left, I worked one day a week, and kept Junior home with me.

I didn't go to the gym that much although I did pay for a membership.

Then he left.

You can look at a deployment as a time to wallow in self-pity (and don't worry I did my fair share of that!) or a time to do something with your life. The time will pass regardless of what you do with it, so my mantra this deployment was to make some changes and make OUR lives better because of it.

I set out on the quest to get my teacher certification. I chose the hardest road because it allowed me to put my time and effort into completing half of my MEd. It was hard, it was overwhelming most of the time, but the benefits outweighed the costs. I don't like to do anything half-ass (except cut my grass), so I went forward full speed.

I took graduate classes all summer, got a job as a second grade teacher on post, and kept on going. I took graduate courses in the fall, and am in one now. I have more this summer.

I went back to the gym. I got a trainer. I completed 3 -5k's and 1-10K.

I lost 25 pounds.

I raised our three children, albeit on fast food and oatmeal some days.

I continued working my 1 day a week job.

I sucked at sending packages and letters to Gunner, but he understood and loved me. (Plus he could read the blog and hear all about overflowing toilets and sick children, probably more than he or anyone else wanted to!)

I spent time with my family and with my friends.

Although Junior has only spent 14 months with his dad, out of three years, he knows who his dad is. He can also tell you that when Daddy comes home, that Daddy will change all the diapers. Yea!

I made a lot of new friends that Gunner has yet to meet, but he has heard a lot about. The girls learned to swim, went to camp, participated in Girl Scouts, and grew, grew, grew.

Junior is nothing like the baby he left.

I doubted my strength at times, but now that I am HOURS (that's right people HOURS!!!!) from the end, I know that I was stronger than I thought. Hindsight is 20/20 after all.

So I managed to keep three kids alive, the house is still standing, there is food to microwave, and I am going to see the most amazing guy in a bit.

Seriously people, these reunions are better than wedding days. (When I was at the mall, I saw a girl getting her makeup done, and we talked while the lady rung me up. She was marrying a guy in the navy at 4 o'clock today. She asked me if it was all worth it, and all I could say was "you have no idea how much".)

So my next post better be me leaving to get this Soldier of mine....

P.S. And he did call and they were in St. Paul, Minnesota. They bypassed Germany and Ireland and landed in Amsterdam. I doubt I would let that many Soldiers off the plane in a place like that!


d.a.r. said...

You are such an inspiration. I cannot fathom how you did it all these past 14 months. I hope one day that I can be as strong and amazing of a woman, wife, mother, and friend as you are!!! Congrats on reaching the light at the end of the tunnel, and having a fabulously enriching year!

Megan said...

Wow. Doing all of that with three kids and a full time job is simply amazing!

Mary said...

Boy I cannot wait till I can write a post about him finally coming home.

Brandi said...

OH I hope it was one of my sweetheart friends flying him around. : ) I assume he was on a northwest plane? :D


Uncle Dan said...

Your Dad would say, "What's our name."

armywife said...


I cant wait until I am in your shoes!!!

1 Hot Dish said...

You have accomplished so much!! You ROCK!! I'm so happy your Soldier is coming home!! I can relate to what you mean about how great the reunions are - that's how I feel when my Sailor comes home. :)

Thanks for your sweet comments about my video, I think she did an amazing job.

I can't wait to hear how the reunion goes!!

dutchgirl said...

You are amazing, seriously! You are so right about the time going by so you might as well do something constructive. But still, that is one heck of a list of accomplishments!

I am so so happy for you!

Reasa said...

Maybe we can meet now?!?!?! LOL Congrats on 14 months well spent and much accomplished. I am so happy for ya'll.

The Mrs. said...

what a great write up. You did an amazing job, I really am in awe of how you chugged thru this deployment and got so much accomplished. And lets be honest, sometimes just keeping the kids relatively clean and fed is a major accomplishment, let alone school and weight loss. Your my hero my friend! I wish we lived closer so we could meet... hey you guys should come to WP.

Tonya Nash said...

You have a great blog. I can relate because I'm a military spouse too. My spouse may be up for deployment soon, so I'm going to keep your tips in mind.

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