Sunday, March 1, 2009


Everyone I know is waiting for the dates of our Soldiers return.

I at least have a date for when he will fly to Kuwait. It's a start. Once he gets there we should know more.

All I know is that it is possible I have one more trash day. Possible. Probable? This is the Army, who the heck knows.

I called this morning to check on the girls who spent the night with my mom. Em couldn't get on the phone fast enough to tell me that Abs had worn her shirt to bed, and horror of horrors, Abs had licked it. I assured her that we could wash it, and she asked if we could wash it twice to make sure. Abs just wanted to tell me that she loved me, she would never mention the licked shirt.

While Junior and I were waiting for Dora to come on, we watched the tail end of Wonder Pets. I wanted to shoot the duck that talks in baby talk. Even Junior was less than impressed with the show. Please tell me that people don't really let their kids watch that stuff, it's awful!

I am feeling brave, so I might have to venture to the grocery store with Junior. I'll be armed with snacks this time. I was down 22 pounds this morning, even after my small piece of lemon meringue pie. I still can't breathe well enough to run, but hopefully soon.

Gunner said he mailed some boxes home since he couldn't fit it all in his gear. He's hoping to beat the boxes home. When he spent a year in Bosnia, back in '95-'96, we were in Germany so we had access to MPS. I loved it.....until he decided to send almost everything back via MPS. I went to the post office, and the guy got a dolly and loaded over 20 boxes into my little nissan and sent me packing. The next day there was more and the next day more. I was surprised he returned with a bag or anything, seemed like he had mailed it all home. Those were good times...


Uncle Dan said...

Many parents just plug their kids into the TV so that they don't have to parent which seems to the main problem you face as a parent. Your lucky that you aren't teaching the children of psychiatrists or psychologists, they are the worst and the parents can't be bothered with their antics.

Teresa said...

I love the trash day count. Last deployment Jason sent three boxes. I couldnt even lift them and they looked at me like I was loading them myself into the car haha.

cj said...

One more trash day! Hoo-ray!

I noticed someone else said in a comment how much they admire you. I've said it too, but it doesn't feel like enough.

You and all of the military wives like you desire the utmost respect and our heartfelt thanks. You endure more than anyone should have to all so the rest of us can be safe here at home. I am one of many who understand that and cannot thank you enough.

God bless you all.


Erin said...

*fingers crossed* for only one more trash day!!

Allison said...

Yay! One more trash day. I'm so glad for you. What's a MPS?

ABW said...

MPS is Military Postal System

You could send anything for free all over the place. It was wonderful because we weren't saddled with all the mailing fees. That would have saved me a bundle these last three deployments.

Prochein Amy said...

I don't like the baby talking duck either.