Saturday, March 7, 2009

Headed in the right direction

The wind is blowing like crazy, so my curly fro might be a mess!

I still need to shower. In the middle of making the bed. Still cleaning house. Need to vacuum out car, not sure when though. Ran to Kohl's to get an outfit, my friend Mel met me there and talked me into wedge heels. I'm sure by tomorrow I will have a broken ankle.

Banners are up.

Went to the Gap to get a pair of long and leans, and was TWO sizes smaller! Woohoo! Got waterproof mascara. I never wear makeup.

Had my wedding ring cleaned and eyed those titanium bands for Gunner.

My mom took the kids to Explore UT, without a stroller for Junior. He's going to be exhausted. Still so much to do, like lay out the clothes for the kiddos, shower, clean some more, and, and, and......

Still no word from Gunner which I find strange, but my friend Abbey's husband is on the same flight and she hasn't heard from him either. That phone call from Germany or Ireland is always reassuring.

I better get to work!


d.a.r. said...

Soooo excited for you!!! We ended up getting my husband a second wedding band in Tungsten, not Titanium. In an emergency, tungsten can be crushed whereas you have to have special equipment to cut off airplane grade titanium. I kinda like my husby's fingers :) Also, tungsten doesn't scratch, at all!! Just something to think about if you guys are still debating. Ignore me if you are set on titanium. Obviously I like pushing my opinions on others, ha! :)

Enjoy the last bit of prep, and congrats on the smaller jeans, eek!

jlc said...

Curly fros??? Are we distant cousins?

Haha. I get exciting reading these posts!! Can't wait to read about the reunion!!!! :)

The Mrs. said...

oooh this is one of the hardest parts!! hope you get to see him VERY soon!

Uncle Dan said...

Your anticipation is no more than his is, take it from one who has gone through coming back from overseas. Of course when I returned no one gave a rat's ar'z about it except for the family. When I flew into SF, I took a bus to near home and was dropped off on the side of the road since Greyhound didn't come into W'ville anymore. I had to find a phone and call home but it all worked out OK.

Uncle Dan said...

In going back through your various Blogs, you have a knack for writing and should do more of it. Of course this comes from a guy who's wife composes her writing like an editor.

ABW said...

DAR-- I saw the tungsten, I liked that too. I'll keep that in mind. I keep getting him new bands, wonder when I get my new one???

Thanks Uncle Dan!